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iPad as an external seocnd Monitor for MAC / PC

iPad be as 2nd display for MAC  and live streaming with facebook at the same time!!

iPad as a second mointor for android phone tablet

iPad can be a second dsplay for PC MAC computure
it will have video and audio  together.
video latency is about 0.9 sec .

How to do?

PC / MAC hdmdi output →  FEBON iCapture hdmi grabber card for iOS use → iPad

it is pure hardware tool .
it let hdmi video signal become lightning format.

it will save the PC / MAC cpu computing power.

Your iPad also can be a dispaly for SONY DVD player!!
iPad can be a monitor for any hdmi video source

This technology is difference software method  app "Duet Display"

Duet Display use huge CPU loading to process the screen live video be into iOS.

But , you do not hear the audio from iPad

it  is video only . No Audio

Its adavantage is video latency very short.  about 40~50ms

Pure software method

app: Duet Display
hardware  method

FEBON iCapture hdmi grabber card
PC / MAC  computer it just an connect WINDOWS /MAC OS

It can not connect Linux or android.

it is hardware base

it DO NOT care about OS
work with Linux , android and etc

Raspberry pi demo

another HDMI source  CAN NOT~~ Connect any HDMI video source

eg: SONY camcorder , blueray , TV BOX

     multimedia player

video latency  40~50ms

CPU loading very high

it use "peertalk" communcation
it is pure software issue
no CPU loading
live streaming on iPad No Display and live streaming at the same time
live streaming:
1. facebook : personal / page / gourp
2. youtube
3. twitch
4. custom RTMP

FEBON iCapture hdmi grabber card  not only connect PC MAC , But alos any hdmi video source


1. iPad as Monitor for DSLR

2.iPad as Monitor for Raspberry pi  + ubuntu system

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