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How to use external camera to stream on instagram live

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instgram DO NOT support rtmp and streaming key.

You can not use third party software to be stream  on instagram live

So far,
instagram just support internal mobile phone camera.

its live streaming video is as below

1. aspect ratios of current tablet (phone)

 2. it just can work on tablet / mobile phone / android tv box

   it can not support PC WINDOWS / mac osx

3. when you use android tv box with FEBON HDMI grabber card, the live video ratio is error

4. the view angle is fixed "aspect ratios of current tablet (phone)"

How to use external camcorder to stream on instagram live ?

We can use GoPro SONY camcorder and another external DSLR be with instagram live

You can use two method

1.  WINDOWS + android simulate software. (koplayer) + FEBON HDMI capture card

2.  Adnroid TV BOX  + FEBON HDMI capture card

you will find that the video ratio is error

I simulate  1920x1080p hdmi source

1. hdmi source video format is correct

    you will find instagram app will let the ratio be wrong.

2. hdmi sorce video format is error

If you need use the external camera on instagram live, you need add some video process

step 1. cut the image become 9:16

        (to get the area "B" . you can think it is 9:16)

step 2: chagne its ratio
         (you can think that 9:16 to become 16:9 again)

after you become the "wrong ratio", the instagram will be correct ratio


I had simulate the "wrong " ratio, you can test your instagram live!!

download the video clip on DVD player

DVD player -> hdmi output-> FEBON hdmi capture card -> android tv box

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