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External video device communicate with iOS app over USB lightning ( peertalk of USBmuxd)

How to let external device communicate with iOS?

eg:  WIFI router, wifi ip camera, lightning flash card and etc.

There are 4 major format that can communicate with iOS

Information (云峰小罗): https://www.jianshu.com/p/08da95add4da

We can share a very interesting technology  "peertalk"

when you connect your iPhone iPad with PC by usb line, you can use PC iTunes to send picture , music and anything.

This technology is  base on usbmuxd of peertalk.

PC DO NOT  make MFI certification.

PC can communicate wit iOS by wire USB line.

several years before, one apple app engineer quit and create a compnay.

He make a app that can let iPad as a second monitor for PC.

He also use the technology "peertalk"


If you use linux standalone box be build in "peertalk" (without expensive PC "), it is very interesting

small box can communicate with iOS by wire USB line

small box still DO NOT follow MFI certification. 


This product is  " FEBON uvc webcam to lightning converter" box

uvc webcam connect the linux box and then use "peertalk" to become lightning connect.

you can think that the small PCBA module is a small PC that with "peertalk"

1.wire USB communicate  :peertalk  (DO not follow MFI )

    This technology is from PC "iTune' , "xcode"..

  APP 'Duet display" also use this technology.

   it can let PC be mirroring to iPad

if you use small SOC module (instead of PC) and build in the " peertalk"

eg:   FEBON uvc webcam to lightning converter box

  it can let UVC webcam to display on iOS


2.Ethernet interface :(DO NOT follow MFI )

  we can easily to find wifi ip camera, wifi microscope to display on iOS

  the external kit DO NOT follow MFI certification          

MCN :its application is for car and called carplay

  the car equipment need follow MFI certification 

3.EAP: it is the traditional MFI product.

 you can find  some product follow MFI certification.

eg: USB lightning line, iOS flash storage,  insta 360 camera

4. bluetooth.

This article will discuss about how to use wire USB line to communicate without MFI certification. 

peertalk is a good technology that can let iOS connect with external device without MFI 


Information (张聪2018)


usbmuxd is a apple service.

it can become muti TCP communicate   under USB protocol

information (云峰小罗): https://www.jianshu.com/p/08da95add4da

There are two product that base on "peertalk " to make the end product

Product 1:app "Duet display"

 This app can let iOS as a external monitor for PC use

advantage: its video latency is very short  ( less than 0.05 sec)

disadvantage: it just can work under WINDOWS  or  MAC OSX

   It can not let external hdmi source or UVC webcam to be mirroring to iOS


Product 2:  FEBON uvc webcam to lightning converter

   advantage :

it can connect uvc webcam.  it also can accept CVBS HDMI SDI source if you add the grabber card

Disadvantage: video latency is about 0.25 sec.

After connect uvc grabber card,

1. HDMI display on iPad :
    FEBON uvc webcam to lightning adapter + FEBON180 UVC hdmi grabber card

hdmi camcorder display on iPad

iPad as camcorder second monitor

2.CVBS video source display on iOS:
 FEBON uvc webcam TO lightning converter box  + FEBON264 UVC CVBS grabber card

3.SDI video source display iPad:
 FEBON uvc webcam TO lightning converter box  + FEBON189 UVC SDI grabber card

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