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apk: camerafi live backup

GoPro HERO 5 在安卓手機直播和MAC電腦直播

1.USB2.0 FEBON168 HDMI擷取卡
2.USB MICRO OTG線材 或 type c轉USB線材 (端看你的安卓手機接口)
3. micro hdmi線材
4.GoPro HERO5

將gopro hero5的hdmi輸出連接 USB2.0 FEBON168免驅hdmi擷取卡

apk: camerafi live

GoPro hero 5 as a webcam for livestreaming and video application

GoPro hero 5 have live hdmi output

you need connect micro hdmi line with hero5

UVC HDMI capture card  means " hdmi to UVC"

UVC  means  webcam like!

HDMI will become UVC webcam like.

MAC / Windows. / Android (some of android phone) will think it is a webcam like.

Livestreaming software are always accept the UVC webcam format.

eg: OBS studio,  Wirecast,  livestream,  skype,  zoom and etc..

Livestreaming with MAC OBS studio for facebook live

HDMI capture card for iPhone iOS livestreaming with facebook live Youtube live

NOW, it is just prototype.

HDMI capture card for iPhone iOS

This hdmi capture card is USB interface.
so, you need add the " lightening to usb connector"

app embedded the rtmp streaming.

you can connect it with DV camcorder

DV camcorder livestreaming with iPhone (iOS)

How to use?

elgato cam link HDMI capture card compatible test

Elgato Cam link  is a hdmi input  and uvc webcam like output.

it is a low cost " hdmi to uvc " convert stick

I use FEBON180 UVC HDMI capture card to compare it .


We can test Elgato cam link as below items.

1. CAN NOT correct display  1920X1080i  hdmi video source

   When you connect the CANON DSLR,  it will show. 720x576 or. 1920x540.


  camera: CANON DSLR 500D


 I also use sony camcorder to test.

  i change hdmi reosolution from 1920x1080p to 1920x1080i

 when hdmi is 1920x1080p, cam link grabber card is ok
when hdmi is 1920x1080i, cam link grabber card is just half resolution 1920x540.

 the video ratio is error

The smallest Power consumption of USB2.0 FEBON168 PLUS UVC HDMI capture card for Android phone use

The smallest Power consumption of  USB2.0 FEBON168 PLUS UVC HDMI capture card for Android phone use


1. It is just 208 mA for android application
   it is super low power consumption