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USB3.0 HDMI capture card work on Samsung NOTE8 (USB3.0 type C)

Not all of USB3.0 Type C android phone are all real USB3.0

eg: SONY XA1 is just USB2.0 type C

Some USB3.0 Type C android is real  USB3.0 mode

eg:samsung S8, Note8, LG G5, G6, V20, V30, and Pixcel2 we tested.

The real USB3.0 mode can use device and charge at the same time

If your "real USB3.0 " android phone connect USB3.0 HDMI capture card, it maybe not work

it is USB3.0 compatible issue!!!

How to let USB3.0 hdmi capture card work on "USB3.0 mode " android phone?

1.  Connect TYPE C OTG line

   you need "add " usb 2.0 line

  if not, the video will be error!!!

you need add the "usb2.0 extend line" to become USB2.0 mode

2. Connect Type C USB3.0 hub

 After connecting the TYPE C hub, it will become USB2.0 mode. 


USB2.0 mode!!!!!

USB3.0 FEBON180 UVC HDMI catprue card with Samsung note 8 be for livestreaming and charge at the same time

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