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NEW version 720P FEBON168 USB UVC HDMI capture card ( No driver install for MAC OSX / WINDOWS)

New version 720P FEOBN168 UVC HDMI grabber card add two function as below

1. all resolution are auto  scale up / down  into 1280X720P

2. support 1920X1080i HDMI INPUT.

HDMI input is as below

1920x1080i  60field / 50filed

1920x1080p  60 /50fps

1280x720  60 /50fps

1366x768  60fps /50fps

720x480  30fps          

    All of input resolution are scale down  /up are auto scale up / down into 1280X720P

User don't care about what kind of HDMI resolution input.

User just see the led if it is stable ( no flash)

If Led is no flash, it means  the HDMI is captured successfully