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China CCD IP CAM Solution

IP CAM divides into two parts. One is CMOS and another is CCD
CMOS IP CAM is focus on retail or DIY market. CCD IP CAM is focus on system Integration Company.

I will introduce the CCD IP cam solution in this topic.In Shenzhen, hundreds of CCTV maker do not have technical about transmission of IP cam. The fast way to develop IP Cam is compression module. They do not have any transmission technical but they also product CCD IP cam

CCD camera module’s composite output will connect to MPEG4 Module and trough the RS-485 to do PTZ control.

CCD Module’s price is about US$25 (Depending on difference ISP, they have difference price); MPEG4 module‘s price is about US$60. The total bom cost is below US$100.
Of courses the H.264 module is more expensive than MPEG-4 module, it is about US$70.

I am very confused. AVS compression type is for China only. But I do not find H/W base AVS compression.
It is said that about 5 ic design house start to develop AVS H/W base SOC.

Please see the below companies.
1. Spreadtrum
2. Shanghai Longjing Microelectronics
3. ST
4. Envivio
5. Broadcom
But we still not find AVS IP CAM in the market.

The analysis of VIVOTEK Supplier chain, sale and conduct management

You can easily get the financial statement information from the below website. http://newmops.tse.com.tw/ search:3454
I will focus on Sales channel, supply chain and conduct management

According to financial statement, I can realize the top three customer are D-link, FONYTEL and Digital Data Communications Asia Co., Ltd


We analyze financial statement in 2005.

“IP CAM” includes the low cost, CMOS sensor and Fixed IP cam.
Average price is: NT$94,545x1,000/25,820 correspond to US$112

Avergae price is NT$163,240x1000/25,046 correspond to US$200.5
D-link focus on DIY market. I think they will choose low cost ip cam

They purchase MPEG-4 CCD camera and target on 3G mobile phone market in 2005.
Avergae price is NT$ 56,197x1000/(7508+1500) correspond to US$191

3. Digital Data.
CCD Zoom IP camera average price is NT$ 4,980x1000/490 correspond to US$312
Low cost CMOS IP camera is NT$10,357x1000/3940 correspond to US$81

I can get the below strange result.
a. Low cost CMOS IP camera
D-link’s cost is higher than Digital Data but D-link’s purchase amount is higher than Digital Data.
D-link’s cost is higher than FONYTEL.

Why did D-link get higher cost than others?
I don’t know.

Supply Chain.

Vivotek DO NOT product ccd camera so they will purchase from CCTV maker.
He will focus on compression module design. When they purchase ccd camera, they will combine their compression. That is ccd IP camera.
CCD camera price is approach US$31.5 (NT$1022/32.44). I think they could buy SONY high resolution board camera.

ViVOTEK start zoom camera product line after 2005. I feel they could buy all10x zoom camera from Mintron. Assume Vivotek’s purchase price is US$150, their total Qty for zoom camera is about 11K in 2004.
We can guess it is about 1K~2K zoom camera model per month.

Conduct analysis

The difference days between giving money to supplier and get money from customer is about 69.9 days
The revenue of VIVOTEK is about 900 million. The minimum working capital must be 900 million X 69.9/365=172million
The fact that you can get working capital information in the financial report is higher than 172million.

Analysis of The Worldwide Security/Surveillance Camera (security market) and the Total amount

Analysis of The Worldwide Security/Surveillance Camera and the Total amount
We can divide security/surveillance into two viewpoints.
The first viewpoint is sensor type and the second is transmission way.
Sensor type means ccd and CMOS sensor.
Transmission way means Analog and Ethernet output.

From AS magazine Taiwan type, the Total amount of ccd unit are about 24.9 million. But I DO NOT have any quantity information about CMOS of analog output. Regarding CCD IP cam part, it is about 3.%%~5% percent of analog CCD IP cam.

Analysis of diagram.
A.Board Camera
=>ccd∩ analog

B.Zoom Camera

c.CMOS Camera

D.CCD IP camera
=>ccd∩IP CAM

E. Nessy Ⅱ solution
SONY Progressive CMYG ccd solution.
You can reference another topic.

F. Retail CMOS IP Camera

A.Board camera
This is the most popular CCTV camera in the world. The focus point is image quality and traditional analog composite output.

B.ZOOM camera
Analog auto focus zoom camera is about 24.9million x 5%=12.45million
Zoom camera maker need powerful technical including AF solution. The popular maker is including Japan SONY, Hitachi, SANYO, Korea CNB and LG.
Many makers in China Shenzhen claim they have auto focus solution. But compare with Japan and Korea maker, the quality is NOT good enough.
It is very pity that Taiwan’s multimedia ic design house DO NOT understand the big profit about Security auto focus SOC chip.
If you are interested in auto focus solution, you can reference my another topic in my blog.

C.CMOS camera
CMOS sensor maker had provided one chip solution that analog output. But it is similar a little camera maker do not accept quickly. I think CCTV field is NOT consumer market and system integration company do not easily accept new one compared with ccd.

D.ccd ip camera.
It is very interested that IP cam maker do not product ccd camera.
1. If IP cam maker want product CCD IP cam, he will purchase ccd camera from traditional CCTV maker. And then add the compression module. It become CCD IP CAM.
2. If CCTV maker want to product CCD IP cam, he will purchase compression module from IP cam maker. For example, many Shenzhen CCTV maker claim they have CCD IP cam. The most of them use compression mouduel solution.
But the most CCTV maker in Taiwan have started design in SOC compression chip and own IP CAM develop team. The difference between CCTV maker and ip cam maker is not clear.

This type application is for consumer product. Maybe you can buy from Wal-Mart. It is defined as home surveillance and the cost sensitivity is very high.
You can use mobile phone to catch video/picture through 3GPP. it is not concern with security directly.