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USB UVC 3D stereo video image Stereoscopy camera by hardware stitch

This camera have two fisheye camera.

This application is for Stereo video  (3D video  )

USB  UVC  output. 

Hardware stitch by FPGA !!

1280X720P  30FPS

No driver for MAC OSX / WINDOWS 

HOT KEY Change Mode ( 3D mode / single Mode)

USB connect with MAC OSX

Open MAC quicktime to preview

it is real no driver.

InGaP HBT Power amplifier (PA Module) for FPV (First-person view) Wireless UHF DVB-T video transmitter

InGaP HBT Power amplifier

Small! Light!

 DC 5V power supply @ 300mA
(it is easy to get!)

 Frequency: 40MHz – 4000MHz

High Gain: up to 19.5 dB

MER > 36dB

FPV (First-person view)  Wireless UHF DVB-T  video  transmitter

Video demo:

Connect the " FEBON HDMI / CVBS / SDI DVB-T TX modulator box"

It is simulate for the FPV airplane

CVBS / SDI / HDMI HD capture card for iOS with lightning connector ( iPad / iPhone use)

HD capture box for iOS with Lightning connector ( iPad iPhone)

Do you find out any grabber card to support  iPad iPhone iOS use?

I think that you do  not find out the product as below in the world!

NO Jailbreak  (NO JB)


UP to  1280X720P into iOS 

DATASHEET Download Link

Wireless  /  Wire Mode :

It will be come true!!

The video grabber card will transmit live video stream into your iPad By  lightning connector

There are three input format video source

 CVBS (composite):  up to 720x480 / 720x576

HD-SDI 3G-SDI : 1920X1080P 60FPS  /50fps ,  1280x720p 60fps/50fps, 1920x1080i 60 /50 field

HDMI : 1920X1080P 60FPS  /50fps ,  1280x720p 60fps/50fps, 1920x1080i 60 /50 field


all of resolution scale down into 1280x720p 60fps by lightning connector.

SDI /HDMI will scale down to 1280x720p

CVBS will scale up to 1280x720p


1 WIRE mode:

    it become "HD capture card for iOS with lightning connector"

2. Wireless Mode:

    it can let Andorid / iPad / iPhone  / TV ...... to get video at the same time.

it is very very amazing!!