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COMBO WIFI wireless video server (uvc grabber card +wifi router) that is embedded AP

Driver free (A)UVC CVBS input USB grabber card + (B)UVC WIFI Router = COMBO Wireless WIFI VIDEO SERVER embedded AP router for iPHONE iPAD 

It is totally difference with the traditional wifi video server!!!

It is embedded the AP Router!!

1. A+B= COMBO Wireless WIFI video server that is embedded AP router!!

   It is total difference with traditional wifi video server.

   My combo video server is embedded AP Router~  

    It is very easy to use!!  DON'T WIFI site survey.....

2. A=Driver free UVC CVBS input grabber card

    It is driver free for X86 OS system ( windows xp, 7, vista.... MAC OSX are driver free)

3. B= UVC Wireless WIFI Router

It can connect with PC webcam  (for example, logitech c310 c525 , P2V  and etc) to become WIFI  IP CAMERA or Babymonitor

I demo IPEVO P2V webcam to connect into my UVC WIFI router.  it become  WIFI document camera. 

At the same time, 10~20 people can connect this WIFI router !!

The video is as bleow is for WIFI wireless Document camera application

The video as below is  WIFI wireless  microscope application.

TTL (4pin TX RX GND 3.3V) to ethernet ( RJ45 or WIFI Wireless ) AP router

FEBON 220 WIFI Wirless AP router is NOT only for UVC UAC, BUT ALSO  for TTL (4pin TX RX GND 3.3V)  to ethernet  ( RJ45 or WIFI Wireless ) AP router

It also is called " WIFI Wireless to TTL  module"


WIreless WIFI serial bridge


Network ethernet & Wirreless for serial, TTL and USB UVC webcam and USB storage.

"TTL to ethernet" means the communacate between TTL and TCP/IP over PORT 8150

FEBON220 WIFI Wireless AP function is as below.

1. TTL to ethernet : (Baud rate: 9600 bps)

   FEBON220 WIFI AP Router can......

    a.  can connect "TTL to UART" device

    b.  can  connect " TTL to RS485, RS232, RS422" device

    c.   can connect "TTL to Bluetooth" device

    d.  can connect "TTL to Zigbee" device

2. USB to Ethernet 

    FEBON 220 WIFI AP Router can....

   a. can connect " USB UVC MJPEG webcam "

   b. can connect " USB UAC microphone"

   c. can connect " USB storage"

3. WAN to internet

4. WIFI AP router:  it own the DHCP server.

5. FEBON220 can switch to AP router mode and Client.

iPad free APP "FEBON CAM"

Please download it from APPLE iPad app store.

the link is for your reference.


FEBON 220 is WIFI router!!

So, It has DHCP server.  no diffcult setting....

If one is as router and others are as client mode, they will auto link as below system diagram.


I had made serval video clip that demo on windows, MAC OSX and iPAD.

1. X86 system ( windows xp, MAC OSX)

1.1 USE WINDOWS and MAC VLC demo " UVC CVBS capture card + WIFI UVC AP router"

1.2 SETUP FEBON220 UVC WIFI AP router in WIN 7

2. Demo on iPAD

2.1 small WIFI AP module with UVC grabber card demo on iPAD


2.3 1.3M auto focus HD WIFI snake camera and display on iPAD

2.4 P2V webcam displayed on the iPAD

It become WIFI document camera

2.5 USB microscope + uvc WIFI router become WIFI microscope


6.Port Forwarding

Before setting,
 please finish the "At the same time, to see more than 2 camera without any setting."

5. At the same time, to see more than 2 camera without any setting.

At the same time, we can use this method to see more than 2 camera without any setting.

we can connect to "A" ( router), and also can see " B" (client) and " C" (client)

Suppose, we set up them under 10.10.1.x.  X= 1~255

7. Reset to Default

STEP1:  Switch to Router Mode

4. upgrade firmware

IF you upgrade new firmware, you should take the risk of damage. 

 Do not upgrade firmware by wifi. Please plug your RJ45 into wifi router's LAN port. 

Step2  go to

Step 3: choose  management-> Upgrade Firmware

Step4: select firmare file. 


  IT Will auto count down 140 sec.  Durning this time period, do not power off.

Step 6: 
  After finishing the upgrade, please go to 
  " management -> save/reload setting -> reset to default"

Step7:After all, please go to

3. Change resolution

Step1:Go to

2.2 Basic setting

Video DEMO

H/W connector setting

Plug in your webcam in the router and switch to router mode (the right direction)

2.1 Necessary software

IF you want to see the video stream in PC/NB, please download the software as below

A. Tablet: APPLE iPad APP


    Please download  "FEBON CAM" from apple iPad APP STORE.
    It is free APP~~


B.PC computer
1.Chrome /SAFARI /FIREFOX Broswer

  Chrome:  http://www.google.com.tw/chrome

2. VLC player


3. Virtual webcam
   This virtual webcam can let your wifi video stream become "virtual webcam"
   Skype can connect the "virtual webcam" and to do the video conference.


   To judge if your webcam can be applied in the WIFI router.

1. Before use, please check if your webcam can use

Not all of webcam in the market are can use. Your webcam must have MJPEG output.

For example,
1. Logitech C310, C525

We can also use windows free software to check if it is MJPEG OUTPUT.

AMCAP download http://amcap.en.softonic.com/download


 Plug your webcam in PC'S USB connector and then run the AMCAP  and then choice the webcam source as below. 


如果您在windows PC /NB 欲觀看畫面的話,請您先安裝下列軟體

1.Chrome 瀏覽器


2. VLC 撥放器


3. Virtual webcam
   有了這個驅動程式 ,即可以透過SKYPE 來遠端監看



5.免設定自動監控兩支以上攝影機(適用在全部都是FEBON 220)

別以往的Router MODE, PC 一次只能連線一台攝影機。本監看設定方式,可以不用變更WIFI 無線,既可以一次監控多台攝影機

只要連線至 A router (帶頭大哥), 既可以一次監控B 及C(小弟). 等多台攝影機

以下的設定是假設在 10.10.1.x 的網域下進行設定。同理,亦可以在192.168.1.x等自訂網域進行設定。一但選擇網域後, X= 1~255

為了表達方面,以下的設定是架構在 10.10.1.x的網域下進行演練

5.聲音可以由VLC 播放器播出的設定方式

Step 1: 完成 基本安裝設定,打開VLC

Step2: 媒體 ->開啟網路串流

Step3: 選擇網路 , 輸入網路 url
Rtsp://    之後播放

Step4: 再開啟一個VLC  選擇媒體 ->開啟網路串流

Step5:選擇網路 , 輸入網路 url    之後播放

    目前Audio 屬於測試階段,並非所有的AUDIO 都能播放



Step1: 請不要用wifi 無線網路更新。請將網路線插入wifi 分享器的LAN,且採用 Router Mode

Step2 進入wfi 設定主畫面

Step 3: 選擇management -> Upgrade Firmware

Step4: 選擇檔案

Step5: UPLOAD 會倒數計時 140秒。更新期間電源千萬不能拔除

Step 6: 更新完畢後,進入 management -> save/Reload Settings
選擇Reset setting to Default  更新期間電源千萬不能拔除



Step1: 進入wfi 設定主畫面


Video DEMO

H/W connector setting


並非市面上的所有的webcam都能夠使用,您Webcam 的必須是MJPGEG輸出即可!


1. 羅技 Logitech  C310 , C525

2. 愛比科技  P2V


簡單判斷是否您的webcam 是否為MJPGEG輸出,可以採用免費的軟體AMCAP 測試

AMCAP 下載點  http://amcap.en.softonic.com/download

STEP1 先將WEBCAM 插入PC的USB中,再執行AMCAP, 且選擇webcam 來源