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GoPro hero 5 as a webcam for livestreaming and video application

GoPro hero5 be facebook live streaming with iPhone

 iCapture hdmi grabber card connect iPhone.

 it can let hdmi output of GoPro be input iPhone
How to buy?

[Metal case] FEBON iCAPTURE card for iPhone (iOS) use with live streaming and iPad as tv monitor

Livestreaming with MAC OBS studio for facebook live

GoPro hero 5 have live hdmi output

you need connect micro hdmi line with hero5

UVC HDMI capture card  means " hdmi to UVC"

UVC  means  webcam like!

HDMI will become UVC webcam like.

MAC / Windows. / Android (some of android phone) will think it is a webcam like.

Livestreaming software are always accept the UVC webcam format.

eg: OBS studio,  Wirecast,  livestream,  skype,  zoom and etc..

1. GoPro hero5 as a USB2.0 UVC webcam


  USB2.0 FEBON168 UVC HDMI capture card

2. GoPro hero5 as a USB3.0 UVC webcam


  USB3.0 FEBON180 UVC HDMI capture card

Livestreaming with iphone for Youtube Live

GoPro HDMI output-> iPhone capture card -> "lightning to usb convert"-> iPhone


Livestreaming with android phone for facebook live

notice1:not all of android phone can be compatible for uvc grabber card
          compatible list

note2: livestreaming output performence of android phone is not better than PC (mac /windows)

      if you need high performance facebook live, you need use PC (MAC /windows)

note3: android phone will have power issue. 

         sometime, the duration time is about 1.5hours

1. SONY XA1 android phone
2. type C to USB line
3. USB2.0 FEBON168 UVC HDMI capture card
4. micro hdmi line
5. GoPro hero5 black

GoPro hero 5 for Raspberry PI application

GoPro hero5 as webcam for X64 ubuntu  application

PC: intel intel i 5 + USB3.0 XHCI
it can arrive 1920x1080p 30fps yuv o / 1280x720p yuv 60fps  output

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