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Video performence test : GV-USB2/A ビデオキャプチャー vs FEBON264 UVC capture card on Android

GV-USB2/A ビデオキャプチャー

 If you are not Japanese, you can not get the APK from the google play

some one put the APK  of " GV-USB2/A ビデオキャプチャー"  on the internet.

Download link


USB2.0 FEBON264 UVC CVBS grabber card

It follow the standard uvc .

it is no driver for WINDOWS / MAC  /  some android phone tablet.

The video test for  GV-USB2/A ビデオキャプチャー and  FEBON264 are as below

1.  3D de-Interlace :

 2.  3D comb filter :

After test, you find the result as below

1. FEBON264 have 3D de-interlace function
     USB2.0 GV-USB2/A ビデオキャプチャー   DO NOT have 3D de-ingerlace

GV-USB2/A ビデオキャプチャー  FEBON264 UVC CVBS capture card