How connect external camera display or live streming to iPhone iPad

  Is it possible to let external camera to the iPhone iPad (iOS)?

external camera can be divided two part

item 1. HDMI CVBS (TV out)

    eg:  SONY camcorder, GoPro hero 5 hero 6.... a

item 2.  external USB uvc webcam camera output

    eg: usb logitech webcam C310 C525 ...

item 1. HDMI CVBS (TV out)

use FEBON iCapture hdim grabber card

-  video : HDMI source
 - audio : aduio from camera
 - function: preview / live streaming / as a TV monitor
 - live streaming: facebook live / youtube live / twitch
 - live streamig bit rate &resolution:  480p/ 720p/1080p 30fps,  1000~10000kbps
 - charge and use at the same time

APP: medialink live

How to do?

1. live streaming application

   it can let professinal DSLR / camcorder / sport camera  be live streaming on iPhone

2. iPad iPhone as a tv monitor

   iPad can live display audio and video from the external hdmi source

   hdmi source maybe from multimedia tv box , cable tv box. 

item 2. uvc webcma to iOS

FEBON uvc webcam to lightning adapter

video :uvc wbcam
audio : no audio
function: preview / record

it can let usb webcam to dispaly on iOS by wire lightning connect

logitech c310 webcam,  logitech c525,  usb document camera , usb microscope dispaly on iOS

What is the technical of FEBON Capture hdmi grabber card and FEBON uvc webcam to lighting?

FEBON iCapture hdmi grabber card

for iOS use
FEBON uvc webcam to lightning adapter
function external hdmi video display on iOS external usb uvc webcama display on iOS
technical 1.Wire Ethernet base

2. iOS as host , iCapture as device
1. apple peertalk

2. iOS as device, uvc to lightning adapter as host