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UVC ドライバ必要なしUSB接続のHDMIビデオキャプチャユニット

In STOCK NOW!! (PCBA only)

Download USB接続のHDMIビデオキャプチャユニット

Why ドライバ必要なしUSB接続のHDMIビデオキャプチャユニット

Follow standard UVC (USB VIDEO CLASS). USB webcam like!
Driver free for MAC and windows

HDMI  to UVC !!!! 

If you plug in UVC grabber card into your MAC,  MAC will think it is a general usb webcam.

It will be driver free on X86 system 32bit or 64bit.

Driver free for  MAC OSX , windows xp, windows 7, windows 8, VISTA.

For embedded system Linux or Android,

If you can let usb webcam work, FEBON168 UVC HDMI  grabber card will also work.

To save your time! and easy build in in your embedded system.


UVC driver is  standard. Even you buy one sample

The PCBA size is only  25mm x80mm.

It is the smallest in the worled!!!

                 FEBON168 UVC HDMI graber card can apply on video stream AP. 

it follow standard uvc.

video stream ap will think it is a general webcam.

For example, skype, QQ, MSN , MAC VJ ....


JUST step1 ~step4!! ドライバ必要な!!!!

STEP1: plug in the HDMI UVC grabber card Into notebook

STEP2: Plug in the HDMI video source into HDMI grabber


STEP3: Before open the software AP (quicktime, amcap and etc),  there are two kindly of mode

mode1: 720P 1280X720

           it means the HDMI source is 720P

          The led Light will turn on as the below.

Mode 2: 1080p 1920x1080 input

         It means the HDMI source is 1920x1080p

        The LED light will turn on as the below.


STEP4: OPEN AP ( quicktime, AMCAP and etc)

For example: MAC quicktime player