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HDMI capture card for iPhone iOS livestreaming with facebook live Youtube live

HDMI capture card for iPhone iOS

This hdmi capture card is USB interface.
so, you need add the " lightening to usb connector"

app embedded the rtmp streaming.


you can connect it with DV camcorder

DV camcorder livestreaming with iPhone (iOS)

How to use?

step1: buy  " lightening to USB  connector  "


step 2:  hdmi capture card connect with the USB port of  "lightening to USB connector"

 step3: connect the hdmi source ( SONY camcorder)

step4:  plug the livestreaming app



use Youtube live on iphone iOS to livestream (broadcast) DV / Camcorder DSLR

GoPro hero 5 as dash cam and facebook live at the same time

iPad as a TV monitor  for camcorder DSLR

iPad as Monitor and live streaming for GoPro hero5

iPad as a TV monitor  for SONY blue ray DVD

FEBON iCapture CARD  is for iOS ( iPhone  iPad ) and directly connect!

you can let camcorder DSLRbe live streaming with iPhone to Youtube Live / facebook live


you can let iPad as a TV moinitor . 

iOS app: mediaLink live (2018/02/10 update)

1. support custom RTMP
2. Support auto login Youtube live
3. Support auto  login  facebook live

 how to be live streaming on iPhone ?
 iCapture grabber card live streaming
with Youtube live
 iCapture grabber card live streaming
with facebook live

How to use?

OS requirement : iOS 10.3 later
iPhone requirement: iPhone 5s
iPad requirement : iPad AIR

1. USB HDMI iCapture  card for iPhone use


2. Lightning to USB3.0 convert
3. Micro usb line
4. Lightning to USB Line
5. Power bank 

Due to apple iOS policy,iOS11 need high power
iPad need the 5V , 2A adapter
iPhone need 5V 1A adapter

Video latency

The video latency of FEBON HDMI  iCapture card  is about 0.08-0.1 sec

use Youtube Live on iPhone to livestream (broadcast) DV / Camcorder DSLR

GoPro as car record and live streaming at the same time

iPad as TV monitor

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