FEBON HDMI iCapture card for iOS ( iPhone / iPad) with live stream use

HOW to Buy:

FEBON iCAPTURE card for iPhone (iOS) use with live streaming and iPad as tv monitor

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 More Information:

FEBON HDMI iCapture card for iOS ( iPhone / iPad) with live stream use


FEBON iCAPTURE HDMIキャプチャデバイス スマホ+デジカメでライブ live 生放送配信(iPhone iOS専用)




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20181212 update: Add the overlay Logo function

if your iPhone iPad embedded cpu is more than A9,
add the overlay gogo function

TO See is To Believe
Twitch real live streaming demo
camera: SONY AS300 Sport camera


GoPro connect seamless video switcher & facebook live streaming

4CH hdmi Simple video seamless switcher box + FEBON iCapture hdmi grabbber card for iOS live streaming use 

1. Gopro ( it can be hero 7 hero 6 hero 5 hero4)
2. SONY action cam 
3. SONY camcorder (PJ675)
4. iPhone hdmi source

Camcorder broadcast on iPhone with facebook live

GoPro hero 5 as dash cam and facebook live at the same time

iPad as a TV monitor  for camcorder DSLR

iPad as Monitor and live streaming for GoPro hero5

iPad as a TV monitor  for SONY blue ray DVD

FEBON iCapture CARD  is for iOS ( iPhone  iPad ) and directly connect!

you can let camcorder DSLRbe live streaming with iPhone to Youtube Live / facebook live


you can let iPad as a TV moinitor . 

iOS app: mediaLink live (2018/02/10 update)

1. support custom RTMP
2. Support auto login Youtube live
3. Support auto  login  facebook live

audio source:
if  camera do not live audio , you need select iPhone audio source   (eg: canon 500d)

 how to be live streaming on iPhone ?
 iCapture grabber card live streaming
with Youtube live
 iCapture grabber card live streaming
with facebook live

How to use?

OS requirement : iOS 10.3 later
iPhone requirement: iPhone 5s
iPad requirement : iPad AIR

Shipping package

1. USB HDMI iCapture  card for iPhone use


2. Lightning to USB3.0 camera adpater
3. Micro usb cable
4. lightning extend cable


Prepare by yourself

1. Lightning to USB Line
2. Power bank 

Due to apple iOS policy,iOS11 need high power
iPad need the 5V , 2A adapter
iPhone need 5V 1A adapter

we suggest  SONY CP-S20 - USB power bank(20000mAh) 

How to be packaged in the bag?

You need add the lightning extend cable female to male

put the red circle equimpents  into your bag


Video latency

The video latency of FEBON HDMI  iCapture card  is about 0.08-0.1 sec

use Youtube Live on iPhone to livestream (broadcast) DV / Camcorder DSLR

GoPro as car record and live streaming at the same time

iPad as TV monitor