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同時使用多支USB3.0 hdmi 擷取器在OBS 做FB 直播,可取代導播機

電腦: MAC AIR + MAC OSX + USB3.0 hub


USB3.0 FEBON169 UVC 免驅擷取器 (bulk mode)  x  3支


其中一個電腦USB3.0孔,插入一個USB3.0 HUB 連接兩個USB3.0 UVC HDMI擷取卡

hdmi 的來源分別是

來源1: iPad 的hdmi 輸出

來源2: SONY DV HDMI 輸出
來源3: Cable tv機上盒hdmi 輸出

How to do 360 degree live streaming with RICOH Theta by USB UVC or hdmi output.

Not only youtube but also facebook can support 360 degree live

RICOH  theta  livestreaming have two output

First one  is  USB UVC output. it is 1280X720P ( old f/w )

The second is  HDMI live output . it is 1920x1080p 

How to let your RICOH theta live output?

press the "camera icon " first and then press the power icon together.


You can use Android phone or PC  as the live broadcast platform.

There are 3 method to let your RICOH theta livestreaming.

Method 1 :  android phone  + RICOH theta  USB UVC output

Method  2:  PC  + RICOH theta  HDMI output

Method  3:   + RICOH theta USB UVC output.

There are four step to do the livestreaming

Source-> get raw original dual fisheye -> after process topanorama 360 degree-> 360 degree youtube

使用 RICOH theta 在安卓android手機或電腦的360度直播比較

RICOH  theta 的 live  有兩種輸出模式

第一種是 USB UVC 輸出 1280x720 

第二種是 HDMI live 輸出 1920x1080p

如何讓你的RICOH theta live 輸出呢?



做直播的機器,可以是電腦 或是android手機



Method 1 :  android手機 + RICOH theta  USB UVC 輸出

Method  2:  電腦 + RICOH theta  HDMI 輸出

Method  3:  電腦 + RICOH theta USB UVC輸出


來源--> 取得dual fisheye raw data --> 軟體處理成 panorama 360度全景 --> 360度直播




4CH hdmi Simple video switcher for OBS broadcast appplication

4CH  hdmi input  simple video switcher

you can use the remote control to select which channel you want.

if you just  need the video switcher function only , this machine is the beset choice. 


1. it is cheaper than professional video switcher mixer.

2. It is quickly and smoothly to switch the hdmi channel by remote control

3. support quad mode 

  This video is from PC OBS 

4ch switcher box  -> hdmi output ->  USB2.0 FEBON168 UVC HDMI grabber card -> MAC


FEBON 2W UHF Power amplifier (PA) for Wireless UHF DVB-T /ATSC Modulator

Small! Light!
 DC 12V power supply @ 300mA -400mA
(it is easy to get!) 
 Frequency: 40MHz – 890MHz

High Gain: up to 32 dBm @ 510Mhz

Dimension : 51*49*16mm

cheap , performance bad antenna 

 Video demo1:

Connect the " FEBON HDMI / CVBS / SDI DVB-T TX modulator box"