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How To Change the Parameter of "HDMI /CVBS/SDI input DTV tx BOX" ( DTMB 8MHZ)

You can add the default Transmitter Channel and parameter on the BOX by windows TOOL

You can save 16 set default channel and parameter on the box.

There are 4 set default channel on the box

Location 4 , you can save 16 set channel by windows tool.

The default value is as bleow

HOW to use  WINDOWS tool to change the Channel parameter?

1. STEP1: install  the  driver.

STEP2: After install the driver, you can add the channel or change parameter by windows.

 There are 2 video clip for your reference.

USB UVC webcam (Document camera , microscope顯微鏡) 直接 1080p HDMI 輸出

長期以來一直在思考,是否可以將 UVC USB webcam 直接 hdmi 輸出

經過幾個月的研發,終於完成一款 Prototype 

他可以讓stand alone 讓 usb webcam 直接輸出成 HDMI


1. 顯微鏡 

   目前的顯微鏡有所謂的 TV-OUT , 但解析度也只有 480i

   我這個東西可以直接 1080P 的 HDMI  格式輸出,直接連接電視

2. USB 實物攝影機 實物投影機  直接HDMI 輸出

    目前市面已經做出USB 實物攝影機, 用極低的價錢來侵蝕 原本圓展等專業廠商的教學用

    愛比科技P2V 那零售價是 NT$1800, 但只有 USB 輸出

    但是圓展那種專業的實物攝影機,雖然可以直接連投影機, 但是一台的零售價都要在 NT$20000 

    如果愛比那隻 P2V document camera 直接連接我的設備,就可以直接輸出至投影機或是電視

Taiwan Computex TAIPEI 2012 Report about Video and surveillance application

Many new technical 3C products are announced during Taiwan Computex Taipei 2012.

I am  ONLY focus on  Video or surveillance application.

1. RCA (CVBS) input  USB  Grabber Card. 

  a. 4CH CVBS input usb grabber card. 

   It is very similar to surveillance 4CH stand alone DVR.
   The idea is that they can use traditional PC to become 4ch DVR.

   But only windows XP, 7 can use!!