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FEBON HDMI / CVBS / SDI DVB-T ATSC DTMB TX modulator box with power amplifier (PA)

FEBON HDMI / CVBS / SDI  DVB-T ATSC DTMB  TX MPEG-2 modulator box : US$220 (by PayPal)

There are three input format video source

 CVBS (composite):  up to 720x480 / 720x576

HD-SDI 3G-SDI : 1920X1080P 60FPS  /50fps ,  1280x720p 60fps/50fps, 1920x1080i 60 /50 field

HDMI : 1920X1080P 60FPS  /50fps ,  1280x720p 60fps/50fps, 1920x1080i 60 /50 field


all of resolution scale down into 1280x720p 60fps by lightning connector.

SDI /HDMI will scale down to 1280x720p @20fps

CVBS will scale up to 1280x720p @20fps



It just can work for 10 hours. 

After 10 hours, you need restart the machine!

DATASHEET Download Link for DVB-T ATSC tx Modulator  

DATASHEET Download Link for DTMB  tx Modulator  

Power amplifier (PA) : US$80

power:  DC 5V  with MAX  1A current

RF power: up to 0.2 W

RF range:  470Mhz -  8xx Mhz

FEBON HDMI / CVBS / SDI  DVB-T TX  MPEG-2 modulator box +  PA

FEBON ATSC live video stream transmitter Modulator box and USB dongle for Canada Mexico and USA

Chip set ic  claim thier ic can modulae the ATSC RF.

In my country, we are DVB-T 6MHZ foramt.

I do not have any chance to test the ATSC.

But , many user ( USA, Canada and Mexico) will use my device for ATSC application.

I bought the ATSC Receiver box from China.

After the test, I will formally claim My Modulator device support ATSC!!!

My ATSC modulator device work well.

The  China  ATSC recevier box is as below link


Taiwan is very hot today. it is about 33℃ (indoor temperature)

This box will have "overheat shutdown"