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SJ4000 (GoPro Hero 3+ like) as webcam for SKYPE, google hangouts and display on iPad /Android.

SJ4000 is like GoPro Hero 3.

It can use all of GoPro accessory.

Includes waterproof case, bicycle stand, Helment base and etc.

HDMI output is  micro hdmi

I am interested in its hdmi ouput.

I will use the hdmi output source as webcam by USB2.0 UVC HDMI grabber card

And then, MAC skype , MAC google hangouts, MAC Facetime can use it.

Not only MAC AIR can use, but also iPad /Adndroid can see the live stream at the same time.

I also can let SJ4000 (GoPro Hero 3+ like) Video stream become UHF DVB-T sginal .

This application is for remote airplane.

1. As wecam for  MAC SKYPE / MAC google hangouts / MAC  FaceTime

SJ4000 (GoPro Hero 3+ like)   can be as the webcam.

you just connect the USB2.0 FEBON168 UVC HDMI grabber card.

MAC SKYPE / MAC  google hangouts can get it.

GoPro Hero4


Two USB3.0 UVC capture card ( HDMI capture card / SDI capture card) work on MAC together at the same time

USB3.0 FEBON199 SDI grabber card and  USB3.0 FEBON198 HDMI grabber card work on MAC at the same time.

HDMI soure is from iPad  lightning output.

SDI source is from  HD-SDI CCTV  camera.

SDI source is  1280X720P 60FPS.

HDMI source is 1920x1080p 60fps.

Use Chromecast with USB UVC grabber card is as live video source for Google hangouts / SKYPE

Chromecast can let Android become wireless live stream and mirror to TV.

I can use  "Chromecast+ FEBON UVC hdmi grabber card" become the live video source for  Google hangouts / skype.

 By wireless chromecast mirror, Android can mirror  to MAC air  and as the Google hangouts video source

HDMI output of  chromecast have "HDCP".

if you want to use USB2.0 FEBON168 USB UVC  hdmi grabber card to let the video into your pc,

you may add the "HDCP disable" box.

After you add the " HDCP disable" box, the hdmi will be without HDCP.