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USB2.0 FEBON188 UVC SDI capture card can support SD-SDI format

FEBON188 UVC SDI grabber card can support SD-SDI

I will connect the SD-SDI video source

What is SD-SDI ?

It is  720X480i  60 field or  720x576i  50field

The most SDI format in the world is HD-SDI / 3G-SDI 

It is not easy to get  SD-SDI video source.

I use blackmagic "analog to sdi converter"  to simulate the SD-SDI video source.

analog to sdi convert is very expensive.

The yellow line is CVBS (Composite) PAL .

It is 720X576i

The white and red line is analog audio

 RCA audio can not directly connect the box.

you need add the " TRS to RCA "  connector.

Switch the jump  5 into "on  " location.

Composite and audio is from multimedia box

 I will let SD-SDI video source become  UVC  webcam like

MAC quicktime  and wirecast can get the live video stream of SD-SDI