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How to turn iPad iPhone as a hdmi monitor for DSLR, GoPro , SONY camcorder (PJ675)

iPad have a big and good LCD
How to let this big LCD as a HDMI TV monitor?

We can let iPad as a TV monitor for DSLR , camcorder and GoPro hero5 sport camera

camera → HDMI output → "FEBON BOX " → iOS platform (as a monitor)

You DO NOT need JB (JailBreak)

How to buy? (Price:US$168 from FEBON shop)


How to do ?

item 1. USB2.0 FEBON168 UVC HDMI Grabber card. ( HDMI to UVC webcam box)

item 2.  FEBON uvc webcam to lightning OTG ( uvc webcam to lightning wire )

connect item 1 and item 2 together

app: wifi image

it can let hdmi video source display on iOS by wire lightning

1. SONY camcorder PJ675 display on iPad

2. GoPro hero5 sport camera display on iPad

3. SONY action cam (AS300) sport camera

You also can try another DSLR

eg: CANON 500D, Panasonic GH5 and etc....

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