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SecuTech Expo 2010台北國際安全博覽會安控展 (安全監控展) 觀看心得

Sensor 的解析度已經調到百萬等級,
傳統的類比傳輸雖然具有一些優勢,但未來仍可能被IP Camera 或 HD-SDI 攝影機取代,


2  Fish eye correction 相關


零組件供應商主要是韓國的廠商為主, 其主要介面大致是多了BT.1120輸出.
上次也有機會跟一個韓國的ISP 廠商 IC Designer 吃飯,
他說,如果要走Mega pixel 等級,還走BT.656 就不算是真的是Mega pixel.

現場看到這家ISP IC 供應商所demo 的ICX445AK,
講坦白,SDI 的畫質真的比Mega IP CAMERA 畫質好太多...

會場上仍有許多系統廠商展示SDI 的方案,


↓強調可以走同軸電纜100m, 可以傳輸HD 影像

↓還有一家他們的SDI 方案.....
     聽說他們是HDMI -> HD-SDI 的模式,
    這樣成本一定比 BT1120 模式高出許多

Fish eye correction 相關

有一家國內ic 供應商,現場展示FPGA demo,
聽說要走Mega pixel 的 Fish eye correction,
但仔細看一下,竟然沒有BT.1120 輸出,又沒有 ISP 包在裡面,
試問,全天下有哪一顆sensor  可以丟出 mega pixel YUV 輸出  @30fps.

VGA 的魚眼修正IP CAMERA 看到一家廠商在展


光看這隻網路攝影機的BOM List
魚眼修正是需要額外一顆ic 介於  VGA SENSOR 跟 壓縮晶片之間

VGA 的IP CAMERA 不是競爭非常激烈嗎???
況且 VGA 等級鏡頭已經非常的好選擇,
大可以選擇一顆好一點的鏡頭,其成本不見得會高於用ic 方式來解決的.


概念在於 一支攝影機取代若干支,
個人認為由後端PC BASE 去做會比由前端攝影機做來的有彈性.


目前還沒有看到針對百萬畫素影像做  tv distortion 修正

在百萬畫素世界中,大概 4mm的鏡頭要做到 TV distortion <3% 的確不容易
由光學來做 tv distortion 修正 成本會遠大於由電子來做

除了做tv distortion correction 之外,仍夠做到電子I/O  介面轉換,就可以開出一個針對百萬畫素的解決方案

BT656 to BT1120 ,但卻少了TV distortion correction. 


Video streaming with an USB Webcam



The report for the key component ASIC IC of SecuTech Taiwan Expo 2011 (security show)

, I also collect the brochure and DM of key component ASIC ic.
If you are interested in it, please download it as the below website.

By way, if you use the Microsoft IE browser, please see the note as the below.
I suggest you use the google chrome browser to download it.

In this Taiwan security show, I major focus on the key component of camera and its peripheral solution. 

The key component report is classified according to the application as below

Key component ASIC IC.
1. Video image transformation ASIC IC.
2. ISP
3. Fisheye compensation/ Lens distortion compensation ASIC IC.
4. Video Decoder
5.Video compression CODEC

Module solution.
1. HD-SDI camera Module
2. IP camera solution.

System solution

1.ip over coaxial
2. The race of SDI camera and Mega Pixel IP camera  

KEY component ASIC IC

1.Video image transformation ASIC IC

 in 2011 taiwan security show, I see many  HD-SDI solution.
The important this is how to transfer any digital video format to  16BIT.BT-1120 . 
The IC design house company are including the Korea Mxxx, Taiwan VXXX, Taiwan Txxx.

↓Korea MXXX. This ic is very strong, it can both output CVBS and BT.1120

↓Taiwan TXXX,
TS1913 is more powerful than Korea MXXX because they are not only have the "must to have " of video transformation but also have the "nice to have" of special Algorithm that is fit for HD camera enhancement.  For example,  lens distortion compensation (fisheye correction), de-fog(De-mist) and 3D noise reduction(3D NR)

We can compare with the Korea MXXX.  This chip is only up to HD-SDI.
But TXXX can up to 3G-SDI.

I planed and make the specification of TS1913. But I had left this job. But I still wish this ic can be popular in the market. 


↓The live demo of lens distortion compensation. If the lens performance is good, I think the demo will be perfect.  

↓VXXX also have new product and its input interface add the CMOS raw sensor. But they do not claim which sensor they had tested. If they can tune the performance of  raw sensor, user can save the cost of ISP.
I think this ASIC still lack the CVBS output.  
By the way, why do they add the de-interlace? what is their purpose?


↓ They have already have the test chip.

↓Taiwan company AXXX. I think this company is a new friend for cctv.
Axxx  will product one ic that is progressive VGA input and transfer it into CVBS. Besides that, they add the Digital wide dynamic range.
I think they still lack the mega pixel input. So I feel that this ic is very similar to old product (for example, chrontel 7028, Vimicro 702 703 and etc). 
But if the price is very good, I think they still have the market space. 


In this 2011 secutech Taiwan, all of major ISP are from Korea company that includes UXXX, Nxxx and etc. Uxxx had been tape out 1500 (par number) but it can arrive 2M@30FPS. So, they had show their FPGA demo in order to their next generation 1700. They claim it will be born on Q2 Q3.

Nxxx ISP not only have ISP but also have de-fog and 960H CVBS.

I also see FPGA (Xilinx) style solution. it can combine the IP of  ISP and SDI  serdec.

↓UXXX  UC1700F use the FPGA  to DEMO

↓ NXXX, NVP2400 is very beautiful.......I think the girl is also beautiful...
  They use the Samsung panel.  Their live demo use PXXX 2.1M sensor and use the HD-SDI camera demo kit to demo it.

↓NVP2400 also have the de-fog. But they have some side effect.
   we can see the intensity of de-fog as below. Please focus on the second baby on the screen. the baby will become black if the intensity of defog is strong.


↓NVP2600... this chip take the mega pixel raw sensor input and apply the lens distortion compensation (LDC) , dynamic line drawing. 
ha ha...it is very lucky for taiwan ic design house, because it lack the ROI (digital zoom)

nextchp-17 nextchip-22

↓Xilinx isp+ SDI solution

3.Fisheye correction (Lens compensation)
In this secutech show,  There are only 2 company to show ASIC demo. They are TXXX and AXXX.

Txxx includes the ISP and its resolution is up to 5M 15fps. AXXX is NOT in including the ISP and only take the YUV signal and its resolution is up to 2M 15 fps.

↓TXXX's demo kit is very good.  They are very conscientious to make the demo kit. For example,  their lens image quality is good.

Compared with another vender, is is hard to use good performance lens?
I think many customers will ask why the image quality is not good. Maybe you can explain this is from lens issue.  Why not use the good lens and to show the best performance?

Besides that, they also make the PTZ control box. it is real like the speed dome. 

But I  think this E-PTZ market is still niche market. ASIC ic company do not make more money compared with the module house.

 techwell-15 techwell-10 techwell-11 techwell-12

↓AXXX's present product line are all focus on "fisheye correction. They will try their best to ploughing and weeding this market. I think their FAE support will be better than others. 


4.Video Decoder
Taiwan company MXXX and RXXX had show 4ch video decoder. The major player is TXXX.  
Ha ha.. to give Taiwan company some opportunity. 
↓Mxxx  claim they will release the 4ch 960H video decoder this year. 

  oxxx and Pxxxx show their analog output sensor and their mega pixel sensor.
By the way, when you see one guy that take the kettle and DSLR, I think that is me..

↓PXXX can write the static line drawing encoder.
pixelplus-1 pixelplus-2

6.Video compression CODEC
There are two company GXXX and PXXX ( ha ha..it is something wrong..this company become the China company and change the name)

 Besides these two company, I am very interested in one sensor company OXXX. This company also have own H.264 codec and it is good solution for baby monitor.. ....The price is very  very good!

↓GXXXX was ever the leader of codec maker.
   Now, their new product is GM8126

↓GM8126 support the sensors as the below. the basic sensor is free charge  to tune. But user still fee the NRE for the special sensor .


1.HD-SDI Camera Module

↓Oxxx  demo the HD-SDI camera with the power over coaxial.

But this company's major business is  to sell the sensor module but not major to focus the SDI. SDI module  only demo their sensor module performance. 

Their sensor module is OV2715+ Japanese ISP.  And interface is BT.1120

2. IP Camera  Solution
Taiwan company AXXX is Ti's 3-rd party.

They had successfully connect the Aptina MT9M033 but not HI-SPI . 
Their WDR can 12bit output.



1.ip over coaxial cable

SONY had announce the IP over coaxial cable. The traditional ip cam use the RJ-45 line to transmit. When using the ip over coaxial technology, it can be through the cctv coaxial cable instead of the RJ45 line.

techwell-3 sony-3

↓ This solution is like the SDI. it need the TX and RX chip set

2. The race of SDI camera 和 Mega Pixel IP camera  
 The NO.1 of Meaga pixel ip camera is Vxxxx
The NO.1 of SDI camera is SXXX. But they use the 3G-SDI camera to win this.

shany-4 shany-3


I had seem one company demo the 16CH SDI real time DVR.  But the maker informed me that they do not wish announce the information in the website.

If you feel the report will help you, please  press the google AD as the below.