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The introduction for iPad iOS APP "FEBON CAM"

FEBON cam is an APP to show Motion JPEG (MJPEG) stream from FEBON wireless small AP Router on your iPad.
The video resolution is up to HD high resolution.
Moreover, it also provide TCP/IP socket and communicate between iPAD and WIFI small AP router.

-streaming of Motion JPEG (MJPEG)
--two finger tap to video any angle rotation.
-Two finger tap to zoom in/out.
-take a shot while streaming and save t to your iPad photo gallery.
-use FEBON cam as A TCP/IP socket client

How to use

Download "FEBON CAM" from APPLE iPad  app store.

 photo IMG_0473_zpse1340962.png 

Wireless micriscope video is record for H.264 stream by iPad FEBON CAM

We can develop the MJPEG  (Motion JPEG MJPG  ) record function on iPad.

And also transfer MJPEG to H.264 video stream.

This is in order to save your storage volume.

The demo is as the below.