USB3.0 FEBON179 UVC HDMI capture card (HDMI HDCP off )


 English datasheet pdf link

中文規格pdf 下載連結 

HDMI protection HDCP off
 Audio sampling rate auto transfer into 48khz

Video latency is just 0.08 sec
 (Windows amcap) 
hdmi source1280x720p, uvc output  1280x720p,windows amcap

For MAC application, it still have 0.2 sec video latency  


Comparable USB3.0 /USB2.0 
UP to 1920X1080P 30fps @YUV (USB3.0)

USB3.0 Mode: up to 1920x1080p 60fps YUV
USB2.0 Mode : up to 1920x1080p  15fps YUV

  USB3.0 Mode:
     WIN7 + USB3.0 XHCI
     WIN 8 + USB3.0 XHCI
      WIN10 + USB3.0 XHCI
      MAC OSX  + USB3.0 port
      ubuntu  + USB3.0 XHCI

   USB2.0 mode
      compatible for all of PC 

 1920x1080p 60/50/30/24p
1920x1080i 60/50fieled
1280x720p 60/50p
720x480 60p
720x576 50p  

DO NOT have good performance when hdmi source is interlace (1920x1080i)

Work on Live video stream software

 skype, line, google hangouts, Livehouse in, ustream, livestream, vidyo, adobe meeting,

FUZE meeting, sportcode, Wirecast, zoom, Line, facebook live, OBS


USE MAC OBS with facebook Live

we recommend you that you use MAC OBS or windows OBS

it will let your livestreaming or record be sync of video and audio

MAC / Windows OBS setting

USE hardware encoder !!

it will let your CPU computing power be reduce.

 Work on Android Tablet 

NOT all of android can support. 

 PC As a TV monitor