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FEBON Wireless UHF DVB-T COFDM HDMI INPUT transmitter modulator (generator) BOX.

This  Wireless  UHF DVB-T  transmitter box can let hdmi soure become UHF  wireless singal.

TV that embedded DVB-T  tuner can receive the wireless singal .

 Why use UHF ??

Why not  2.4 G / 5.8G?

Two reason.

1. UHF  DVB-T is tv level broadcast sinagl.  Signal is stable.

The performance of  Wireless  is strongly better than 2.4G / 5.8 G .

 even if UHF  is thorugh the wall,  the sinal is still good!

2. UHF DVB-T is like FM radio. 

You do not always care about if you can receive.

FM siganl can be receive by thound of people at the same time.

UHF DVB-T is the same as FM radio . 

UHF DVB-T  signal can be received by thound of receiver when the receiver is within the range.

USB3.0 FEBON198 UVC HDMI capture card compitble MAC SKYPE / GOOGLE Hangouts live stream.

FEBON198 USB3.0 UVC HDMI caputure card is compatible for MAC live stream  application.

It is real orignal output ( no video scale process) and almost no latency.

The video input and output is as below

1920x1080p 60 / 50 /30 /24 fps

1366x768p 60 /50 fps

1280x720p  60 / 50 fps

If you choice the 1920x1080p uvc output, it means the hdmi source must be 1920x1080p

 DO not do more video scale process.

We just want to provide you the "real orignal " HDMI source!!

we can use MAC wirecast to control the UVC ouput resolution what you want.

1. MAC SKYPE Application

This video clip will show you as below

HDMI source is iPad output and connect with USB3.0 HDMI grabber card.

we use the MAC SKYPE to communicate

ANDROID  SKYPE  call the MAC skype.