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3D de-interlace apply in IP cameara

Athough SONY has strong promote its progressive scan ccd for IP camera market, the interlace is still at high market share now.

From the IP surveillance manufacturer view, they still get ccd camera module from traditional CCTV analog camera maker.

It is very easy to become CCD ip cam when connect video decoder.

Video decoder‘s input is CVBS signal and its output is ITU656. that is interlace.

ITU656 will become video compression’s input.

Because its is still interlace signa (NTSC 60field, PAL 50 field), the video output will occur jagged

In TV chip set field, the 3D-interlace is a basic Algorithm. Instead, the in the surveillance market, I do not see this ASIC now.

Although, some video codec soc claim they have de-interlace, the it is only 2D but not 3D.

I think 3D-deinterlace can be embedded in video decoder side.

The comparison picture is as below.

Before 3D-deinterlace

after 3D deinterlace