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HOW to Turn USB webcam to HDMI (TV out)

2020 new product 
" uvc webcam to hdmi adapter without usb mouse"

1. it just need 11 sec!


How to let USB UVC webcam to become HDMI output and dispaly on TV?

You can use "FEBON uvc webcam to hdmi adapter"

UVC webcam is stanadard uvc driver.
eg: logitech C310 C525 , USB microscope. and etc

Before you buy, please notice as below

1. Video only. No audio 
   (uvc orignal reoslution is up to 1280x720)

2. it need add the usb mouse

3. it need 30 sec to start the machine. 

4  it will also show 3 small icon on the TV monitor


1. prepare FEBON uvc webcam to hdmi adapter

2. prepare  usb mouse

3. prepare usb webcam ( eg: logitech c310 c525 bc310, usb endoscpoe microscope)

How to do?

STEP1: Plug the DC 5V power

STEP2: Plug the hdmi source with TV

STEP3: after 30 sec.......

STEP4: open your TV  and you will see the video

STEP5: open software


1. usb microscope dispaly on TV ( USB microscope to TV out)

2. logitech usb webcam C310 become hdmi output and display on TV

3. USB endoscope snake camera become HDMI output

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