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If UVC grabber card can not work, how to solve ?

If UVC grabber card can not work,  how to solve ?
It may have some problem as below

1.Another webcam use too much USB bandwidth.

  Please remove  the webcam form your windows as below.

  And then reboot your PC.

2. Your Grabber card had been used by another software

  At the same time, grabber card only is for one software. 
  For example. 
   If your Skype let your grabber card work, MSN can not use at the same time. 

  We can use the easy way to judge if grabber had been used. 
  If the grabber card's light  turn on, it means some software had been used the grabber card.

3.Another USB Device hold the USB bandwidth. 

  For example, 3.5G usb dongle card will hold the usb Bandwidth. It may let grabber card not to work.    


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