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1. Before use, please check if your webcam can use

Not all of webcam in the market are can use. Your webcam must have MJPEG output.

For example,
1. Logitech C310, C525

We can also use windows free software to check if it is MJPEG OUTPUT.

AMCAP download http://amcap.en.softonic.com/download


 Plug your webcam in PC'S USB connector and then run the AMCAP  and then choice the webcam source as below. 

 Choice the Options -> video capture pin

If it display the "MJPEG", the webcam can be used in wifi router.

Not all of webcam can work on router. we can use the windows software "amcap" to test

The VIDEO as below is NON MJPEG webcam. This webcam can not work on wifi router.

The video as below is MJPEG WEBCAM. This webcam can work on wifi router.

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