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Use UVC grabber card on windows XP / WIN 7

How to use windows software to review or record?

1. ON WINDOWS XP ,it can directly previw. But only have video witout audio

STEP1: Double click " my computer"

STEP2: Double click the "usb camera"

2. AMCAP (preview)

   Download: http://amcap.en.softonic.com/download


STEP2: Device->USB  camera device

STEP2: DEVICE-> USB audio device

3.KMPLAYER /Portplayer (preview)

   Download :http://kmplayer.idv.tw/

STEP1: open KMPLAYER, mouse right icon ->;open ->open WDM (open BDA)

STEP2: setup the video and audio source.
    mouse right icon ->open ->setup WDM/BDA

STEP3:setup video source.

VIDEO : USB camera device
AUDIO:  USB audio device

4. Arcsoft WebCam Companion(Record)

Arcsoft webcam compression is a powerful record /prview software.

Download:  Please search " webcamcompanion4_retail_dl_all " in google.
                   you can download it by yourself

Step1: OPEN the webcam compression and double click "capture"
STEP2:  Choice "2D"

STEP3: Click " setup"
STEP4: Choice audio source

STEP5: Choice video source

STEP6: Start record

5. Windows SKYPE

UVC Grabber card supports not only directshow but also webcam UVC format. 


7. WINDOWS Screenmonkey

8. windows Start Easislides

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