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10. Change channel range from Ch1~ch11 to CH1~CH13

FEBON220's WIFI Channel is as below.

802.11n 20MHz/40MHz ;
USA, Canada (FCC):11 channels (2.412GHz~2.462GHz)
Europe (CE): 13 channels (2.412GHz~2.472GHz)
Japan (TELEC): 14 channels (2.412GHz~2.4835GHz)

It can easy to change the reigon by the steps as below.


For 1~11 channel    >>     flash set HW_WLAN0_REG_DOMAIN 1
  For 1~13 channel    >>    flash set HW_WLAN0_REG_DOMAIN 3

STEP2: Turn off  power


If you just use iPad, this method (CH13)  will improve the speed. 

But NOT all of PC can receive CH13!!!!!!

The demo is as below.

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