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COMBO WIFI wireless video server (uvc grabber card +wifi router) that is embedded AP

Driver free (A)UVC CVBS input USB grabber card + (B)UVC WIFI Router = COMBO Wireless WIFI VIDEO SERVER embedded AP router for iPHONE iPAD 

It is totally difference with the traditional wifi video server!!!

It is embedded the AP Router!!

1. A+B= COMBO Wireless WIFI video server that is embedded AP router!!

   It is total difference with traditional wifi video server.

   My combo video server is embedded AP Router~  

    It is very easy to use!!  DON'T WIFI site survey.....

2. A=Driver free UVC CVBS input grabber card

    It is driver free for X86 OS system ( windows xp, 7, vista.... MAC OSX are driver free)

3. B= UVC Wireless WIFI Router

It can connect with PC webcam  (for example, logitech c310 c525 , P2V  and etc) to become WIFI  IP CAMERA or Babymonitor

I demo IPEVO P2V webcam to connect into my UVC WIFI router.  it become  WIFI document camera. 

At the same time, 10~20 people can connect this WIFI router !!

The video is as bleow is for WIFI wireless Document camera application

The video as below is  WIFI wireless  microscope application.

1 意見:

Kenny 提到...

若可以hdmi imput,則可以一次原端監控一個pad
若能scale up/down更會有優勢!