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TTL (4pin TX RX GND 3.3V) to ethernet ( RJ45 or WIFI Wireless ) AP router

FEBON 220 WIFI Wirless AP router is NOT only for UVC UAC, BUT ALSO  for TTL (4pin TX RX GND 3.3V)  to ethernet  ( RJ45 or WIFI Wireless ) AP router

It also is called " WIFI Wireless to TTL  module"


WIreless WIFI serial bridge


Network ethernet & Wirreless for serial, TTL and USB UVC webcam and USB storage.

"TTL to ethernet" means the communacate between TTL and TCP/IP over PORT 8150

FEBON220 WIFI Wireless AP function is as below.

1. TTL to ethernet : (Baud rate: 9600 bps)

   FEBON220 WIFI AP Router can......

    a.  can connect "TTL to UART" device

    b.  can  connect " TTL to RS485, RS232, RS422" device

    c.   can connect "TTL to Bluetooth" device

    d.  can connect "TTL to Zigbee" device

2. USB to Ethernet 

    FEBON 220 WIFI AP Router can....

   a. can connect " USB UVC MJPEG webcam "

   b. can connect " USB UAC microphone"

   c. can connect " USB storage"

3. WAN to internet

4. WIFI AP router:  it own the DHCP server.

5. FEBON220 can switch to AP router mode and Client.

iPad free APP "FEBON CAM"

Please download it from APPLE iPad app store.

the link is for your reference.


FEBON 220 is WIFI router!!

So, It has DHCP server.  no diffcult setting....

If one is as router and others are as client mode, they will auto link as below system diagram.

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