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DVB-T Modulator transmitter generator (TX) / USB dongle of DVB-T dvb-t Modulator generator transmission

This experiment  will show that   PC video file can be broadcast by DVB-T  TV channel  through the DVB-T USB Modulator generator tramitter dongle.

I will use the DVB-T  channel to broadcast.

everyone can receive my video by DVB-T receiver. It is like the FM audio.

This method is totally difference to WIFI WIDI.

The reason are as below.

1. DVB-T TX Modulator generator transmitter  is broadcast.

  it is ok and possible for  even 100 people want to receive the video.


  WiDI will depend on the WIFI bandwidth and the bite rate....

2. WIFI WIDI is two way communication.  But DVB-T Modulator generator TX's advantage is only one way broadcast.

 3. with others being equal, the transmission distance and efficiency is higher than WIDI

The picture is the demo system block as below.

The video will be sent from  transmission antenna to receiver antenna by
Electromagnetic Waves

The application is for Digital Signage , home media, industry/ medical  inspection

YouTube DEMO

1. broadcast the video ts file from pc

2. Demo "pc to tv"

a. no audio . (the audio is from PC. it is not from tv)
b. have time latency
c. PC to tv is up to 1080i. it depend on you pc cpu power.
d. "pc to tv" is not stable!!! "PC to tv" is no  guarantee

3.How long does it forecast??

The generator transmission bandwidth will depend on the parameter as below.

1. modulation :   QPSK, 16-QAM, 64-QAM

2. coding rate: 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8

3. Guard interval: 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32

The bandwidth is as below.

The  windows AP is as below.  it can change the parameter.

Comparison Table.

We have two kindly of  USB DVB-T /ATSC  TX dongle.

Linux SDK version DVB-T TX Dongle

video demo:


Low cost version DVB-T /ATSC TX dongle


video demo


Price US$169 US$99
advantage 1.Provide LINUX /WINDOWS SDK

2.High power (about 40m)

3.you can choice many parameter of Modulator

4. you can develop your own ap for windows and Linux
1. Cheap

2.Support ATSC / DVB-T  modulator

3. windows AP is very very easy to use

  For example:

  any video file can be broadcast into DVB-T channel.  Just click one icon!!
disadvantage 1. expensive

2. windows AP is NOT friendly

  for example:

  if you want to let windows video file to broadcast into DVB-T channel, you must transfer your video file into TS video .
1.low RF power (about 30m)

2.No LINUX / windows SDK.

3.Do not open many parameter of Modulator. 

4. Only for WINDOWS

1. USB dongle of DVB-T modulator
2. antenna
3.  WINDOWS AP of video trasformation ( transfer video to TS file)
4.  AP of "pc to tv " and "ts player"
5. SDK   (software design kit) of  WINDOWS and Linux

1. USB dongle of DVB-T/ ATSC 
2. windows AP /driver

   2.1 pc to tv

   2.2 video file to tv (any video file)

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