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Driver install for USB dongle of DVB-T modulator

The windows driver of USB dongle of DVB-T dvb-t Modulator (generator /transmission) includes two parts

1. 32 bit (xp, win7)

2. 64bit ( xp, win7)

The example for install step-by-step is using " windows 7 32 bit"

step1 open "device manage"


plug in the USB dongle of DVB-T transmitter.

 We can see the "unknown device  DVB-T TV Stick" mark.


 Click the mouse right icon to apply on the  "unknown device DVB-T TV Stick"

 (if your right mouse click can not see the picture as below, please wait)


  choice the first icon


 choice the "driver " as the below picture.

 And then, change the driver.


choice the red block


  Choice the driver.

  if your OS is 32 bit (xp or win 7), please choice the  "x86"

if your OS is 32 bit (xp or win 7), please choice the  "x64"

choice the red block!


successful !!

The below driver installing video is from windows xp 32 bit.

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