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Quantification Analysis for IP cam

There is several type of IP CAM in the market. In this topic, I will be quantification for these factors. For example, PTZ, MPEG-4/MJPEG, CCD/ CMOS and etc.

What kind of factor is more important? What is its relative value

I will depend on Axis IP CAM price to analysis the factor value using static method.

Numerical analysis:

1. I get the Axis IP cam price from Axis’ Taiwan agent.

2. I think these price lists will inform me two information

A. sort/priority of factor

B. The relative weight of factor. But not absolute weight

3. Finally, we can understand which factor is important and realize every factors’ relative weight.

First, I divided Axis IP CAM into 3 types.

Those are Low cost CMOS IP CAM, middle end CCD IP cam and PTZ/speed dome series.

Quantification analysis for IP CAM’s factor

The add value form high to low is as below.

1. PTZ platform :Fixed <>

2. Auto focus: fixed <>

3. resolution : VGA <>

4. D/N switch normal <>

5. Sensor : CMOS <>

6. Compression : MPEG4 <>

We only can realize the factor rank (relative value) but NOT its quantification (absolute value ).

Only if we have enough data base to do the static multi factor analysis

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