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How to let FEBON100 UVC grabber card work on Android?

Android OS do not embedded UVC driver.

But some manufacturer will add the uvc driver into their Android OS because of special application.

maybe your Android has build in the uvc driver ... maybe NOT. 

Many friends ask if FEBON100 UVC grabber card can work on Android?

My answer is.....

if your uvc webcam ( for example: logitech c310 c525) can work on Android,

FEBON100 UVC grabber card will also work!!

There are three  result after UVC USB webcam plug into Android.......

1. [no root] FEBON 100 UVC grabber card  just work on Android 4.3 version only

 FEBON100 UVC grabber card just work on Android 4.3 without root
Android 4.4 users will require ROOTED device.

step 1. FEBON 100 UVC grabber card can work on Android 4.3 without "root"

step2. install the "Dashcam" from google play


2. IF your andriod is NOT 4.3 ,  FEBON100 UVC grabber card will also work on Android.
   (maybe after "root"....maybe it work)

    If your android is NOT 4.3 version, it also work.

   It will happen on  android tv dongle or box.

  For example:

  Android TV box that claim can let usb camera work  will also let FEBON100 UVC grabber card work.


2.1 You can "root" and add the UVC driver and APK from forum. 

You can find out the solution in the Android forum.

For example:  NEXUS7

Nexus 7 do not have uvc driver .

You can find out many method to develop UVC driver into NEXUS 7 in the forum.

step 1:
step 2:

after them, you can see the demo ...

2.2 Buy some APK that can install UVC driver.

  This Japan company claim that he have an APK of open uvc webcam.


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