windows version User manual for USB dongle of DVB-T dvb-t Modulator generator transmission

This windows version is just for WINDOWS only.

It DO NOT support Linux.

if you want to develop it on Linux, please go the link as below.

This USB DVB-T/ATSC /DTMB tx dongle is designed for home based.

It is very very easy to use friendly.

Specification download!!!!!



Media interface

USB 2.0 (Device)

Driver required

Modulation Core

Multi-format Modulation Core

DVB-T TX (software selectable)

bandwidth: 6 / 7/ 8 mhz only


ATSC  TX (software selectable)


China DTMB TX  (software selectable)


Software Player

Multi-format video player

Support more than 300 types of video format

mov, avi,mpg, ts…..

Auto bit-rate control engine.

File transformation feature (Any type to TS)

Full-HD PC screen syncing

Quick play button

Power consumption

2.5W (0.5A / 5V power)


Driver support windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8

Vide Player support Windows XP / Vista  / 7 / 8

VM ware excluded

Embedded Antenna

working range at: 400MHz~800MHz 50ohm

About 15m ~25m

1.How to install driver

   This windows version dvb-t tx dongle can support all windows version

   a. windows xp

   b. windows 7  32 bit / 64 bit

   c  windows 8  64bit

2. introduce the windows AP


3. Operation. 

3.1 VIDEO file into DVB-T TX

3.2 Live PC video stream into DVB-T TX

3.3 ATSC modulator

3.2 China DTMB  moudulator

3.3 DVB-T  Moudulator

HDMI DVB-T TX  Transmitter  = FEBON168 UVC USB hdmi grabber card + USB DVB-T TX dongle

Panasonic camera hdmi output is as the hdmi source. 

iPad hdmi output is as the hdmi video source.

UHF Wireless DVB-T Donlge for education application.

USB DVB-T TX Dongle + PA (Power amplifier ) is about 500m