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Combo 2-in-1 5 Meagpixel Document camera For iPad Android tablet and Windows / MAC OSX

The performance of USB interface document is the same as IPEVO Ziggi HD Document camra

If it connect to FEBON 220 UVC WIFI AP Router, it will become Wireless.

It is Not only for Windows XP/ WIN 7/ WIN8 / MAC OSX , but also for iPad Androd tablet.

it can let at least 10 ea iPad to connect it.

These package includes

1. Auto Focus 5 Megapixel USB document camra


25.9cm x6.5cm x30.6cm
Interface USB 2.0  UVC 1.1 version
Capture range
A4 Document paper
effect sensor pixel 2592x1944  (This is real pixel )
Frame rate 2592x1944 @15 fps


1280x720 @30fps
Light 16 ea LED 
Focus Auto Focus
Weight 550 g

2. 2. FEBON220 UVC Wireless AP

Wireless 802.11 b/g/n
antenna 2T2R
Interface RJ45 X2 (LAN, WAN)

USB interface (For USB camera )


AP mode / Client  Mode
Resolution 640x480



Audio RTSP stream
Connect Client At least 10 people for   iPad iPhone Android
Power DV 5V /1.2A (含攝影機)
Weight 120g

Become Wireless Document ......

Directly connect PC by USB interface 

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