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Auto focus analog snake camera

This is design for industry snake camera application.

It will auto focus and clear the side view without manual focus.

ITEM Description
Model auto focus CVBS module
Video Format CVBS
Power Supply 5V
Power Consumption 250mA, 5V(1.25w)
Image device Mi1310 Aptina
Effective pixels 1.3M Pixels
Frame Rate 60 field for NTSC; 50 field for PAL
Light Source LED
AGC Auto
AES Auto
Video Output CVBS
Lens View Angle(Fov) 65 degree
Lens F/NO 3.0 +- 5%
Focal Length 7 ~ 35cm
Lens Construction 3P
Water Resistance No
Operating Temperature -20 ~ 65 degree C
Operating Humidity 90 degree




The another auto focus snake camera is HD usb Output!

It can connect to WIFI router directly and show in the iPAD

The resolution is up to 1280x1024.

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