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2. install the driver of "pc to TV"

Due to the driver of " pc to tv" is NOT stable, there are several version to test.

The "pc to tv" is no guarantee. 

1. IF you use WINDOWS XP, please follow the steps~

There are many driver of "pc to tv" in this folder. 


Every folder will own their "install.bat"

For example, we go to the folder "win-xp-pc2tv"


You can try all driver in the folder and test it can work!!

2. If you use Windows 7  32 bit, please follow the step~~

Step 1: Press " start"

STEP 2: Search " cmd"

STEP 3: Right click on “Command Prompt” and select “Run as administrator

STEP 4: Go to DOS command line and key the below command 


cd c:\dvbt\pc-to-tv\pc2tv-webcam-20130313

(Note: There several "pc to tv" folder. I just use "pc2tv-webcam-20130313" for example.


The Youtube demo is as below.


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