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1CH and 4CH 3Deinterlace 3D comb filter 3D Noise reduction appliction in video server and PC Base DVR

Why using 3D De-interlace?

Now, most of signal that we use are traditional CVBS signal for NTSC or PAL, these type are for interlace scan. When it is through the compression chip to compress, the jagged will be occur without de-interlace process.

What kind of product need 3d-deinterlace?

They are IP camera, PC base DVR and video server.

That divided two parts to analysis. 1CH input and 4CH input

1. 1CH.

This application is for ccd interlace ccd ip camera.

There is no ic design house to design 3d-deinterlace solution for ip camera before.

All that you see what IP camera maker claim build in 3D de-interlace H/W base is DVD player chip set solution. Because of no solution, IP camera maker only use these solution.

Many IC design house start to notice this function now.

First generation: (DVD solution)

That is three chip solutions.

Second generation: (start to think 3d de-interlace for security market use)

The solution still needs two chips. But this 3d-deinterlace digital ic has embedded DRAM.

Third generation: (perfect type)

One chip solution

One IC design in Taiwan will start have engineer sample in the end of 2009.

What kind of its quality?

It's been good so far.

Not only 3D-deinterlace, but also 3D Comb filter and 3D noise reduction.

Most of video decoder that using in Security market are 2D comb filter.

If our camera focus on a tight squeeze, the video will output false color (Moiré)

Please see comparison picture as below.

By the way, 3D noise reduction is different to 2D noise reduction. 3D noise reduction will depend on 3 frame pictures to reduce noise. So it do not loss the image resolution.

2. 4CH

Video server or PC Base DVR will use 4ch video decoder and need 3D-deinterlace process.

Some one think the deinterlace faction can be proceed on the video compression chip.

I do not agree this view point at all.

It is ok in the 1ch system but not in 4ch.

We can get the 8ch PC Base DVR card with video compression in the CONEXANT website.

They need extra FPGA to process signal interface between video and compression chip.


If 3D-deinterlace put on video decoder side and output progressive signal, it is very easy for video compression to process.

3D comb filter must process on video decoder side.

I think if video decoder can process 3d-deinterlace, 3d noise reduction and 3D comb filter, it will share the loading. The video compression will get good video to compress.

How about PC base DVR w/o compression card?

If computer want to process 3d de-interlace by software, it will use CPU computing power at least 50%

People that using PC base DVR w/o compression card want to pc to do more and more intelligence control. if we waste the CPU computing power so much, it will be less the computing power to do intelligence control

One company in Taiwan has develop this ic (4ch video decoder+3d deinterlace) now. But it still need extra DRAM

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