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How to do 360 degree live streaming with RICOH Theta by USB UVC or hdmi output.

Not only youtube but also facebook can support 360 degree live

RICOH  theta  livestreaming have two output

First one  is  USB UVC output. it is 1280X720P ( old f/w )

The second is  HDMI live output . it is 1920x1080p 

How to let your RICOH theta live output?

press the "camera icon " first and then press the power icon together.


You can use Android phone or PC  as the live broadcast platform.

There are 3 method to let your RICOH theta livestreaming.

Method 1 :  android phone  + RICOH theta  USB UVC output

Method  2:  PC  + RICOH theta  HDMI output

Method  3:   + RICOH theta USB UVC output.

There are four step to do the livestreaming

Source-> get raw original dual fisheye -> after process topanorama 360 degree-> 360 degree youtube

Method 1 :  android phone + RICOH theta  USB UVC output.

android app :  "camerafi Live"

how to connect

 Ricoh theta ->USB  uvc output  -> OTG line -> android phone

This app called "camerafi live"

it is the first one app that can broadcast the external usb camera in the world


Method 2: PC + RICOH theta HDMI  output

Besides the usb output of RICOH (1280X720),  It also have hdmi live output (1920x1080p)

you can use the live hdmi output higher resolution as the video source.

it have the high video performance.


software: mimolive

it can do the 1080p 360 degree livestreaming.
but , it just 14 days for free use.

capture card:USB3.0 FEBON178 UVC HDMI grabber card

this usb3.0 hdmi grabber card is no driver for mac osx

  it can be up to 1920x1080p 60fps yuv/mjpg @ USB3.0 mode

or  it can be up to 1920x1080p 30fps mjpg 30fps @ USB2.0 Mode



live demo

Method  3:  PC + RICOH theta USB UVC OUTPUT

youtube 360 degree streaming

facebook 360 degree streaming

This method is the popular for live broadcasting.

video source-> dual fisheye -> panorama -> virtual uvc -> to let OBS process -> 360 live

live demo

facebook 360 live

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