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FEBON 2W UHF Power amplifier (PA) for Wireless UHF DVB-T /ATSC Modulator

Small! Light!
 DC 12V power supply @ 300mA -400mA
(it is easy to get!) 
 Frequency: 40MHz – 890MHz

High Gain: up to 32 dBm @ 510Mhz

Dimension : 51*49*16mm

cheap , performance bad antenna 

 Video demo1:

Connect the " FEBON HDMI / CVBS / SDI DVB-T TX modulator box"


You need  add the Rf attenuator on RF input side

video demo 2:

connect the  FEBON HDMI DVB-T Modulator

You need setup the output RF level be   -13dbm or -14 dbm

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