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CVBS / SDI / HDMI HD capture card for iOS with lightning connector ( iPad / iPhone use)

How to buy?

[Metal case] 
FEBON iCAPTURE card for iPhone (iOS) use with live streaming and iPad as tv monitor 

HD capture box for iOS with Lightning connector ( iPad iPhone)

Do you find out any grabber card to support  iPad iPhone iOS use?

I think that you do  not find out the product as below in the world!

NO Jailbreak  (NO JB)


UP to  1920x1080p 30fps into iOS 

DATASHEET Download Link


It will be come true!!

The video grabber card will transmit live video stream into your iPad By  lightning connector

HDMI : 1920X1080P 60FPS  /50fps ,  1280x720p 60fps/50fps, 1920x1080i 60 /50 field

it is very very amazing!!

I will record the video clip when the prototype work!


Time latency :

about 0.08-0.1 sec


Camcorder DSLR camera be facebok live streaming with iPhone

GoPro hero 5 as dashboard camera and live streaming at the same time

iPad as TV monitor

How to use?

1. USB HDMI iCapture  card for iPhone use
2. Lightning to USB3.0 convert
3. Micro usb line
4. Lightning to USB Line
5. Power bank 

Due to apple iOS policy,iOS11 need high power
iPad need the 5V , 2A adapter
iPhone need 5V 1A adapter

iOS app

iOS app: mediaLink live (2018/02/10 update)

1. support custom RTMP
2. Support auto login Youtube live
3. Support auto  login  facebook live

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