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Ultracker US360 camera ( ALETA S1 ) 360 degree hardwre live stitch VR application

 Ultracker US360  ( ALETA S1 ) camea

it have 4 ea wide angle lens and hardware live  video stitch .

There two hardware key on the  US360 (ALETA S1)  camera

Power icon


 function icon.

How to live view?

1. By WiFI connect

   it will have video delay .

   if your environment is full of 2.4G  wifi,  the performance of WIFI will be bad

2  By HDMI output

   I use  USB3.0 FEBON178 UVC HDMI grabber cad to live show on MAC AIR

The hardware change mode is like Russian Roulette

it is not  easy to make sure what you want 

Function mode are as below

resolution change  and video mode change

360 degree
180 degree x 2

This US360 camera ( ALETA S1 )   do not have live USB UVC output.

it can not let live youtube  / facebook to get live  360 degree.

Live 360 degree youtube must follow its format

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