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muti USB3.0 HDMI capture card for live Stitch and create 360° video live stream ( GOPRO VR)

if you want to let GOPRO  become LIVE VR  camera, you need use hdmi capture card to get live stream

it better   1920x1080p  30fps  yuv   x   5 stream  at the same time.

Could  5 ea USB3.0 HDMI capture card can get the live stream at the same time?

The answer is  USB BULK MODE

Almost of capture card are ISO mode.

USB3.0 FEBON169 UVC HDMI capture card is  BULK mode.


5 ea USB3.0 HDMI capture card can work at the same time.

all of them   1920x1080p  30fps yuv.

So far, i just demo the function.

I will also buy  5 EA " SJ4000"  to real demo the CAMERA.

coming soon....

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