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SONY Xperia Z3 D6653 display usb uvc device ( USB UVC capture grabber card / USB UVC camera)

SONY Xperia Z3 D6653  is Android 5.0.2 OS.

You can connect the USB OTG line and be with  USB UVC device.

Connect  UVC HDMI capture card  -> become hdmi LCD Monitor

Connect UVC SDI capture card -> become SDI LCD Monitor

Conect  UVC CVBS capture card ->  become CVBS LCD Monitor.

SONY Xperia Z3 can display the uvc device video

I use the device as below

1.  USB2.0 FEBON264 UVC H.264/MJPG/ YUV  CVBS grabber card

   Although this grabber card have h.26¥64 hardware stream, it still be output mjpg /yuv in the android

 The video source is  CVBS CCTV CAMERA.    

2.  USB2.0 FEBON168 UVC HDMI grabber card


The video source is  SJ4000 ( it is like GoPro).

the hdmi output of SJ4000( GoPro like) connect with the uvc hdmi capture card.

and then...

coonnect the USB OTG line into the SONY Z3 android phone.

SONY Z3 can see the livestream.


The video source is from CCHDTV  HD-SDI camera.

SONY Z3 android  display the live video stream of 3G-SDI camera

SONY Z3  android tablet is as the LCD display monitor for  3G-SDI .

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