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FEBON UVC capture card as webcam for zoom clouds meetings use.

zoom clouds meetings is a professional web video conference.


You can use zoom meetings software to let uvc camera become live stream source.

UVC camera is usb Microsoft webcam , logitech webcam.....

Sometimes, uvc camera is not professional.

if we need  optical zoom in / out,  usb uvc webcam can not do it.

UVC grabber card can let  professional camera ( for example DV, camcorder, GOPRO , .....)

be as a webcam source.

USB webcam   UVC  :  USB webcam  ( logitech c310 c910...)

CVBS (composite ) source    become uvc   :  UVC CVBS grabber card

HDMI  source become uvc :   UVC HDMI grabber card

SDI   source  become uvc :  UVC SDI grabber card

FEBON  UVC capture card can be as a webcam source for zoom meetings use.

1.  USB2.0 FEBON168 UVC HDMI capture card


     video source:  SJ4000 ( GOPRO hero like) hdmi output.

    PC :  MAC AIR + MAC OSX 10.10

2.  USB2.0 FEBON188 UVC SDI capture card 

video source:  CCTV SDI camera

 PC :  MAC AIR + MAC OSX 10.10

3.  USB2.0 FEBON100 UVC CVBS composite capture card

video source:  CCTV 960H camera

 PC :  MAC AIR + MAC OSX 10.10

4. USB2.0 FEBON264  H.264 / YUV / MJPEG CVBS composite capture card. 

video source:  CCTV 960H camera

 PC :  MAC AIR + MAC OSX 10.10

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