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FEBON HDMI / CVBS / SDI DVB-T ATSC DTMB TX modulator box with power amplifier (PA)

FEBON HDMI / CVBS / SDI  DVB-T ATSC DTMB  TX MPEG-2 modulator box : US$220 (by PayPal)

There are three input format video source

 CVBS (composite):  up to 720x480 / 720x576

HD-SDI 3G-SDI : 1920X1080P 60FPS  /50fps ,  1280x720p 60fps/50fps, 1920x1080i 60 /50 field

HDMI : 1920X1080P 60FPS  /50fps ,  1280x720p 60fps/50fps, 1920x1080i 60 /50 field


all of resolution scale down into 1280x720p 60fps by lightning connector.

SDI /HDMI will scale down to 1280x720p @20fps

CVBS will scale up to 1280x720p @20fps



It just can work for 10 hours. 

After 10 hours, you need restart the machine!

DATASHEET Download Link for DVB-T ATSC tx Modulator  

DATASHEET Download Link for DTMB  tx Modulator  

Power amplifier (PA) : US$80

power:  DC 5V  with MAX  1A current

RF power: up to 0.2 W

RF range:  470Mhz -  8xx Mhz

FEBON HDMI / CVBS / SDI  DVB-T TX  MPEG-2 modulator box +  PA

Wireless  /  Wire Mode  (without  PA) :

Wireless  DVB-T 8MHZ MPEG-2 demo

wireless  ATSC  modulator demo

Wireless DTMB modulator demo

The Wireless distance  (with PA ) is about 1km.

I use the  multimedia hdmi Output and to connect with  the DVB-T TX modulator.

Time Latency is about 0.5 sec

CVBS / SDI / HDMI HD capture card for iOS with lightning connector ( iPad / iPhone use)

Technical  advance setting

1.1  How to change the channel parameter  (DVB-T 6MHZ / ATSC /6MHZ) ?

1.2  How to change the channel parameter ( DTMB 8MHZ) ?

2. How to change  firmware?

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